We’re not your typical disty.

We’re Qatar’s Biggest PC Gaming Distributors.

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Our Brands

Our Customers and Partners

We just want to watch the world game.

That means we need to get gaming gear in everyone’s hands. Since the start of 974 Global, we knew that the only way for us to succeed is to sell brands that we love.

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We’re responsible

We’re responsible, efficient, and we support local environmental initiatives.

We know RGB

It’s simple. RGB makes everything go faster. Look, don’t ask us how, ask Einstein, we think it’s up there with his theory of relativity.

We’re Awesome

Let’s be honest, you don’t become the best without a bit of awesome sauce.

Unrivaled Quality

Our vendor’s have seen amazing growth, because not only do we ensure the products get to clients, but we also help market the brand within retail stores.

We know logistics

No distributor does what we do. We have a strong network that gets your products across the sea, trucked to our warehouses, carted to our regional storage facilities, and bussed to our client’s retail stores.

We know paperwork

We love focusing on the fun stuff, but our team also knows the importance of certification, documentation, clear records, and timely reporting for our vendors.

We’re investing in the entire PC Gaming Scene

Sponsoring Tournaments

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Setting up gaming arenas

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Building Retail Stores

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